Friday, September 30, 2011

When in Rome.....

The camel rides on Cable Beach were on the 'must do' list of our trip.

It is the quintessential Broome experience.

It was everyone's first 'up close and personal' experience with a camel.

They were such funny animals, each with different distinctive personalities and features.

This is Alice, she was described as the 'supermodel' of the group. Beautiful camel looks, nice little hairstyle, and lovely colouring. A gentle natured camel as well.

Ready to go...

Bindi Irwin II (aka Ella) absolutely loved it of course. She would have loved it more if they took off for  a wee trot!! 

Charlie was a little freaked out initially but relaxed on into it quite quickly.

At one point he said, 'I didn't realise they had such big teeth Mum!!'

James enjoyed his solo ride...

Frank took this great photo....

Great Broome experience!!


  1. Like a bunch of wise men! We took a similar photo in a desert on camels on Christmas morning once and I cherish it. Great shot!

  2. Oh I miss Cable beach already!
    We rode the yellow camels too. We rode the front three: Horace, Indi and Rod. Happy travels.

  3. Hey Megan! Dont know how Ive missed all your travels but looks like you are having a ball! Isnt WA the most beautiful place? That house in the background (1st photo) is where i worked for 7 years when i lived there.

    Safe and Happy travels...



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