Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mataranka Springs

Mataranka is where the film “We of the Never Never” was filmed. The story is set in 1901 and is about a story about a young European woman (Jeanie Gunn) who lived on an outback cattle station (Elsey Station) and battled hardship, isolation and prejudice. She formed firm friendships with local aboriginal women and children and earnt the respect of the station workers.

We walked through Elsey National Park which is named after the cattle station where Jeanie lived.

Off to Mataranka Springs
For someone who doesn’t like cold water the springs suited me to a tee.
34 degrees apparently! Perfect!
The water was amazingly soft, clear and the strangest blue colour.
Jump straight in with your noodle and let the slow current take you down to the end.

Very relaxing!

These particular springs were called ‘Bitter Springs’ and they were first discovered by Europeans in the 1870’s whilst they were completing the construction of the overland telegraph wire from Darwin to Adelaide.Must have been the greatest discovery back then.

We met a lovely family of (6) back at Daly Waters and we hooked up again at Mataranka.

The kids all had a great time swimming in the springs, looking at the fish underwater with goggles on, making hairstyles our of green stuff, and jumping off a bridge into the springs.

They also spent a lot of time back at camp playing in sprinklers and throwing balls and sticks to the local dog. ‘Dog-Dog’ became her name. She was one very focused and highly amusing dog.


We have just driven through Katherine and stocked up on fuel and food. We are now heading off to Litchfield National Park.  


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    Anyway, we all send our love and blessings your way constantly. Tina x
    PS: the photos are amazing x

  2. great posts megan. we are heading this way soon and you have given us some great tips. merci

  3. Finally remembered to look on this blog not your normal one. Those springs look heavenly if a bit spooky. It seems a lot greener than I expected.


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