Monday, September 5, 2011

Daly Waters.....

At the end of a big day driving we veered off the Stuart highway to a little community called Daley Waters.

A quintessential Northern Territory place!!

 This is where Qantas refuelled on international flights in and out of Australia in the 1930’s!

The ‘famous’ pub, renowned for it’s Barramundi steaks was like nothing you have ever seen before. 

It even boasts its own traffic light.

They are more than happy if you leave your ‘bits’ here to help decorate the place.
Feel free to stick anything on the bar.

Feel free to leave your number plates.

Feel free to leave your thongs.

Feel free to leave a token of your love for one another.

Feel free to leave your UNDIES.

Because anything goes and everything is alright.
True Northern Territory style!!

Even letting a 6yo have a sleep in the public bar is alright.

Other interesting architecture around these parts:

The shop with a dead helicopter on the roof.

A wonderful stage at the back of the pub

A couple of good signs around the place:

Just another favourite place to add to the growing list of favourite places.

Off to Mataranka hot springs......


  1. Hi Guys, Still trying to figure out how to comment. There must be loads in cyberspace from me! Enjoying the trip commentary so far and it seems like there is a bit of Benjamin going around Oz with you! Love Jo, Dave and Ben x

  2. hi you guys that place seems very different to brisies pubs missing you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxox the DALLIMORES


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