Saturday, September 3, 2011

New state....Big Day!!

Our first border crossing....Yay!! double Yay!!

Oh my, they can go really fast here in the Northern Territory if they want...Not us, that would be not good for our fuel economy!

After 465 kms of very straight road from Mt. Isa you come across 'an oasis in the desert'-the Barkly Homestead
This is basically a fuel stop with accommodation attached. 
A great little place!

Plenty of interesting things to see and do at such a small place:
A cool off and some bomb dives in the pool is a treat after a long day in car.....
Great birds to talk to:
Ruby the black Cockatoo
Bruz the Galah
A Wedge Tail Eagle guarding her territory or nest:

And the biggest character of all was Reggie the Red Blue Heeler who played with us for ages. Her main trick was going crazy if you said the word 'Cat'. 

One of my favourite stops so far.....

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  1. Your very cute family is having an absolute ball! I can tell from the photos and from how you're writing about your trip!

    So thrilled for you!



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