Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kununurra and surrounds.....

Kununurra is quite a busy little town of 6000 people.  Rio Tinto’s  Argyle diamond mine (famous for their very rare and expensive pink diamonds) contributes to the local economy. 

Agriculture is another large aspect of life around here. Mango and Sandalwood plantations are quite prolific.  No ripe Mangoes available yet unfortunately!

We stayed in a great caravan park on the lake. The highlight being the freshwater crocodiles 5 metres from  the caravan at night . We shone our torch out on the lake and their beady eyes were lit up like little red lights.

These babies just sat there and waited patiently for some food scraps. Amazing!!

The lake during the light hours...
Beautiful Boab trees are very prevalent around the Kimberleys.

 This one in the caravan park has been carbon dated and is 2000 years old!! These wonderful trees provide homes for a myriad of Australia’s wildlife such as: bats, frogs, bees, Goannas, Magpie-Larks, and Cockatoos.

We came across this Boab at Emma Gorge with a tap coming out of it. Not really sure whether the water was actually Boab water?? We couldn’t work it out…….maybe?....perhaps?.....

On the way to Kununurra we drove off the highway to see a special historical boab who had a date carved into it’s trunk (July 2nd,1856) . It was carved by Thomas Baines who was an expedition artist.  He carved it on the day the expedition group set up camp by the edge of the Adelaide River.

Amazing how obvious the font is….

It is hard not to love these trees. I even felt inspired to do a bit of ‘Boab Art'….

We drove down some of the Gibb River Road (famous for diehard four wheel drivers) and visited Emma Gorge and El Questro Station.

 Bushwalking in hot conditions seems to be getting easier.  Mum is finally ‘manning up’ and actually enjoying the walks.  (Kylee I might be ready for Bikram Yoga when we get back)

At the end of a rocky, steepish climb in Emma Gorge we enjoyed a nice cool swim and some had a frolic in the waterfall. Very refreshing!

Socially we had a great time in Kununurra. We were able to catch up with some Brisbane friends Gordon and Lesley who work for Rio Tinto and FLY in and out of the mine everyday! Great way to travel to work guys! Thanks for a lovely meal and it was great to learn more about your life in Kununurra.

Many thanks to Darren and Janine (friends of our friends the Langes) for the invite to enjoy a cruise on the great Ord River in a lounge boat.

Quite possibly one of the best highlights for the kids was being towed behind the boat on a large tube thingy. It was funny watching them all gaining confidence and eventually standing up and ‘tube surfing’ down the Ord.

Go Girls!!

It was lovely to see the sun setting over the Ord on the way home. 

Kununurra offers some great lifestyle options...it is a shame we only had a few days to enjoy it. Hopefully we will get a chance to come back some day.


  1. It makes you wonder why so many Australians choose to live on the coastal bits although crocodiles outside while you are sleeping sounds a bit scary.

  2. Have really enjoyed catching up on your recent touring Megan. The photography is just beautiful, particularly love the image of the second gorge in your Katherine post. Definitely postcard material! Chuckled at your 'enjoyment' of bushwalking in high temps. Keep travelling safely.

  3. That's really nice what you have shared for others to look at and get an understanding of whats out there. You did a lot more than what we did. We stayed for two weeks in the same caravan park. Beautiful.. We also broke down in Kununurra and funnily enough it was in the Thirsty Camel Drive Through..So we grabbed a beer and sat in the beer garden and the car stayed shaded. Happy customers haha.


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