Thursday, September 29, 2011


After leaving the Bungle Bungles we had a big day travelling and made it to Derby which is on the coast northeast of Broome.

Interesting little place with quite a few things to visit.

Derby boasts of having the largest tides in Australia.
Tides in excess of 14 metres happen here.
We made a few visits during the day and Frank enjoyed capturing the tide change..




Not a good swimming spot! Crocodiles!
A great place to catch crabs though. ( So we were told).

Ella and James enjoyed a game of tiggy on the surrounding mudflats...

The Pioneer Cemetery was interesting.
It was very well kept and there was no sign of vandalism which was great.
A lot of people in their mid twenties died from tragic accidents back then.
A tough existence without a doubt!
No OHS!!

Some famous locals from the late 1800's rest here. An aboriginal tracker ('Larry' Kunamarra) who was honoured by the queen is buried here.

Myall's bore is about 7kms out of town. This impressive 322 metre deep bore was built in the early 1900's to provide water for cattle before they were shipped out of the Derby port.

It is 120 metres long and believed to be one of the longest troughs in the southern hemisphere..

The famous prison boab tree is nearby also.

 It is believed to be 1500 years old and was used in the 1890's by local Police to lock up Aboriginal prisoners overnight on their way to Derby for sentencing.

Frank and James found their own prison boab tree not far from the caravan park....hmmm...interesting!

Ella has discovered a hidden talent which impresses Charlie no end......

Lots of laughter as Frank and James return from another unsuccessful fishing excursion....James did however enjoy getting up close and personal with a catfish.

Next stop- Broome. 220kms down the road.......

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  1. Hi Megan, At a wedding on Sat in Brisbane and sat opposite a fellow Rob Boshammer who owns nearly all of Kunnanara. His wife owns argyle diamond shop in town. Anyway, my sister lives in Broome. She is at Cable Beach. If you want her number let me know Jo xx


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