Thursday, September 8, 2011

Litchfield National Park...

Enroute to Litchfield National Park near Batchelor we had a quick stop at the Adelaide River War Cemetery. It was a truly lovely, peaceful place with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens.

Servicemen and citizens who were victims of Darwin bombings by the Japanese during 1942-1945 are buried here.

Some were as young as 16!! Most were in their early 20's.

Some weren’t identified...

Some were not found....

A very moving place that made us think how lucky we are not to have our lives impacted by war.

There are several camping parks both in and out of Litchfield National Park.
We chose to stay at Litchfield Tourist Park and enjoy the power supply to our air-conditioners.
The temperature when we arrived very late afternoon was 38 degrees!! 

Our first morning here we woke to a misty fog around the park...
Just gorgeous!

Our first stop in the park was the Lost City. 10kms down a  winding, dirt track with our tyres at full pressure was not joyful. Less tyre pressure on the way back was much more bearable. Good thinking Andrew!

The lost city is huge towers of sedimentary rocks in an area that was once covered by sandstone and after much erosion, these rock formations were left. Pretty amazing!!

The kids found little caves,  enjoyed some climbing, and even did a bit of planking!!

Next stop the beautiful Wangi Falls...

We were all quite puzzled as to where all the water came from??

  Apparently the sandstone is like a giant porous sponge absorbing a huge amount of water during the wet season. In the dry season the rock releases the water feeding the streams which become these beautiful pools and waterfalls.

The Florence Falls from the lookout...
Absolutely stunning!!

The Florence Falls swimming hole. Full of huge fish that everyone enjoyed watching with their goggles on.

The Buley Rockholes....
One of these was apparently about 3 metres deep.
Great to dive into...
Don't even think about it kids!!!

Last stop for the day was a quick look at the magnetic termite mounds...

They look like tombstones on the landscape.

They are clever little, well adapted insects!!

A wonderful day spent in an amazing national park!!
Some very waterlogged, sunburnt kids slept well last night.


  1. Planking! Ha! Love it!

    I can't even begin to calculate the benefit those kids of yours are getting from this holiday ... the memories, the knowledge.

    Brilliant. (Good tyre pressure advice. I'm even learning a few things.)

  2. Great place.... To think in 1992 me and another mental mate jumped off the top of Florence Falls! Obviously a little younger and sillier! Mind you Frank might still have it in him ! Lol

  3. The colours in that landscape are sublime. To see mist in such a red dusty place is so surreal and very beautiful. How happy do those melting planks look?!


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