Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bungle Bungles...

We aren't big on sports drinks but this was a 'Gatorade' type of day!!
Temperatures at midday would have been above 45 degrees.
The kids did extremely well in these difficult conditions.

To access the Bungle Bungles you need to drive through Mabel Downs Station on fairly average, corrugated dirt road with several arduous creek crossings.
Definitely not suitable for 2WD.
It took (2) hours to drive 50 kilometres on this well travelled track.
BUT it was well worth all the extra bull dust in the car.

First place we visited was Echidna Chasm (what a great name).

Another great feature which demonstrates the incredible forces of nature and time..

The following three photos are sequential as you walk through the chasm.

Where's Charlie??

We are walking on a river bed so in the wet season this would be a flowing river. 
Amazing...would be great to see..

Next up was Picininny Gorge which is surrounded by these rounded sandstone domes....

Ella and James lead the way in.....

The final discovery is a huge amphitheatre type feature with the very last remains of water...
You can see where the water pours in during the wet season...

Looking in...

Looking out......
To hot to study rocks today Charlie!!
Another tough, rough and ready day that everyone survived and enjoyed!


  1. Wow - what amazing photos... and how beautiful!!

  2. Wow ! How cool is that amphitheater ! Wholy smoke !


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