Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fishing expedition out of Darwin....

Well the 'hunters' of the family were up at 0530 this morning to head out with Andrew to 'gather' something sensational to bring home to 'provide' for dinner.

Anticipation and excitement between both caravans was high!! 

So many pictures around of people holding really big fish!!

Recipes were being discussed.....

Sadly not today! 

James had a bite....

Andrew caught a shark....

I felt so disappointed for them.

How could the big fish not like the look of that bait??? 

12 people on the boat and not one edible fish caught.......what the???

Oh well you get that I guess.....


  1. Despite the disappointment of not catching fish, it sounds like you're still having the time of your lives..... Wish we were there with you, sharing the adventures! And the kids look like they're growing up every day.... we won't recognize them when you get home.

    We all miss you heaps at home... especially Ollie - though he has now made friends with Harry and Paddy next door.

    Keep safe, and keep smiling.

    Luv the Kluges

  2. Wow Megan your photos are just great. The kids seem to be having a great time, so envious as we go through the hum drum of every day. No school lunches for 6 months - heaven! Dave wants to know if Frank has been watching the market? xx

  3. I can't believe you have gone so far already. Your kids will be talking about this trip for years and years to come! What a hoot it looks!

  4. Claire: I can so see you guys doing a trip like this, up your alley. Tell Ollie he better not forget us! Miss you all too!!

    Jo: Thanks Jo!! Love your life is far from Ho-hum! Tell Dave Frank is a bit busy for market watching! Even watching footy can be challenging at times.

    Annie: It is an absolute hoot!! Just like reading your fabulous blog-a hoot!!


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