Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unplugged at Spring Creek.....

(Post title by Frank)

After leaving Kununurra we headed further west to visit the famous Bungle Bungles.

Powered camping options are few (one) and expensive.

Much to Frank's delight it was time to go 'unplugged', save some money on caravan parks and do some 'free' camping. This means no amenities and no power.

The 12 volt shower and the shower tent came out for the first time. Spring Creek provided us with our shower water for the night. Amazing how a bucket of water can shower a family of (5)!!

We are toughening up this family of five. Extreme Bear Grills like bushwalking and two nights without air conditioning.....so rough and tough (not!)LOL!

One of my favourite things about this stop was watching the kids play in the creek. 

Conquering nature and building a dam was on the agenda (of course).

Lots of teamwork....

Lots of discussion about dam design......

Lots of muscle building exercise....

A little bit of innocent sibling torture.......

No bickering, just having fun and getting on together for a united purpose.

Happy days!!

The best backyard in the world......


  1. What a cute post! You're having so much fun ... I want to be on the trip too!

  2. Love it! Best blog yet!!! Gave me heaps of smiles :)

    We miss you guys heaps.... Especially Ollie.....

    Hurry home :)

  3. Bear Grills never did it with three kids along! Dam building is so much fun. Thanks for reminding us!

  4. Thanks Carmel,Annie, Peter and Claire. Always great to hear from you all!


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