Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When I grow up.....

On a trip such as this there is huge amounts of time to talk which has been one of the best bits.

There is time to ask questions about puzzling things that puzzle little minds. Some funny things are asked and some things are asked again and again (unfortunately).

'What is the difference between Diesel and Petrol Dad?'
'Would a killer whale kill a shark?'
'Is a sea leopard bigger than an elephant seal?'
'Why would you die if you played in a wheat silo?'
'What is limestone?'
'Will we see a Tasmanian Tiger in Tasmania?'
'Willl we see snow in Tasmania?'
'How many k's left Dad?'
'Would a Komodo dragon kill a crocodile??' 
'Where did you and Mum meet Dad?'
'Did you have pets growing up Mum?'
'Why is a killer whale a top predator?'

The list goes on and on. 

A trip such as this offers so many experiences and so much stimulation.

It triggers dreams of what to become when you grow up which can change week to week.
It can be quite amusing as well for Frank and I.....

'Ellas dreams of the future involve a farm with chickens, horses, pigs, cows and any other animal she can get her hands on.
It will be animal utopia. No animal shall be harmed. They will breed at their own will and will die only of natural causes.
She will save all the battery hens who have stopped laying from death.
It will be a refuge for harmed native animals.
She points out all the farms for sale to her Dad as we drive along.
Dad suggests that she needs to earn well to have a farm and perhaps becoming a vet might be a good way to achieve this.

James made me laugh at the Fremantle Maritime Museum with his personal discovery.
We had just been on the tour of the submarine and watched a video showing the submarine in action.
He said to me 'Mum I think I know what I want to be when I grow up!!'
Now at this point I am thinking that he is going to tell me that he wants to be a 'Sub-Mariner'
But no...
He says to me 'Mum, I am going to be a VENTRILOQUIST when I grow up!"
'What the.....!!!'
They had been playing with puppets in the play area which he obviously found hugely enjoyable.

The kids then bought animal shaped oven mitts to practise their 'Ventriloquey' skills with.
We had Kevin the Kangaroo, Alice the Koala and Croccy the Crocodile.

Very entertaining.

Charlie has become extremely focused on marine life which has been amplified by watching the latest David Attenborough's latest series on TV.
Last week he was going to have a 'Bionicle Farm' when he grows up and today he is going to have a 'Shark Farm'.

I used to think he was heading for a future in Law enforcement but perhaps Marine Biology will be his future.
He seems to align alot with Ella's interests, so being a Chicken Farmer has also been mentioned.

Very funny.
Oh the many joys of a roadtrip!!
Love it!


  1. oh stop it megan... these updates are making me emotional!!! The photos are gorgeous with beautiful lighting and magic moments of joy! Oh and not to forget ...the storytelling... all magic! I particularly like this line of yours 'It triggers dreams of what to become when you grow up which can change week to week'.... gorgeous!

  2. What amazing pictures you make! Truly wonderful...
    And a Bionicle Farm sounds pretty interesting! ;-)

  3. Megan, how lucky you are to have this opportunity to spend amazing everyday time with your family, that so many lack. This trip will always be remembered by your kids, imagine the Xmas dinner table discussions in twenty years time. I just adore your photography, you're very talented.
    I had to smile at the thought of the truckies on their two-ways behind you. We have a similar problem with our old Acco cattle truck. I refuse to drive it with the two-way turned on, though Jessie commented to Matthew once that those truckies don't really know a lot of words do they.
    Loved your Esperance photos. I was offered a job there once upon a time, as a twenty year old, to break in horses. I should have gone!
    Keep staying safe.

  4. Gorgeous post!
    So many of those same questions being asked here too.
    Perhaps your guys could buy us out and we can keep travelling.??
    We love our farm but the surfy life is calling...

  5. Love it, they are all so earnest aren't they. tonight Liongirl started playing Eye Spy in the car with " I spy with my little eye something starting car" I think her eye spy skills need a little refinement. melx

  6. What a lovey read, Megan. The black and white shots of the kids show off the excitement and joy in their eyes. I have a photo in my phone for you - an old pink Holden hooked up to a little red round caravan - just gorgeous!

  7. They are such beautiful children. I can't tell you how jealous I am at the memories you're making for them, and the bonds being made.


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