Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Ocean Road....

It's iconic.
It's spectacular.
It's an example of Mother Nature at her best.
Those wild southern waters have carved out an amazing coastline for us to enjoy.

We had a big day yet again zooming down the Great Ocean Road..
The weather was near perfect.
Blue clear skies with a strong southeasterly wind.
James' long locks show the strength of the wind.

We made Warrnambool our base and drove down to Apollo Bay and back via Colac in one day.
It was really enjoyable to drive back through the lovely green farming country on the way home.
Plenty of healthy sheep and dairy cattle around these parts!

The Bay of Islands....

West of London Bridge. 
We thought it amazing how the cliff faces looked so 'laser cut', nearly smooth..

London Bridge.
The centre of the 'bridge' collapsed in 1990 and there were tourists on the ocean side at the time.
How scary would that have been?
They had to get rescued by a helicopter!!

Loch Ard Gorge...
This area was named after a ship called 'Loch Ard' which crashed just off the coast near Port Campbell in 1878. There was only (2) survivors.

The Razorback...

The Arch...

The western apostles...

The eastern apostles...

Only (8) of the limestone stacks remain after the last one disentegrated in 2005.
It is a bit confusing as some information says there was only ever (9).

Very powerful erosion happening here.....

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