Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Victoria.....

7.5 weeks in WA and only 10 days in South Australia.

This is not how we expected things to pan out but not to worry....
We will definitely return one day to the wonderful South to enjoy the 'finer details'.

The wine regions were amazing of course. Grapevines as far as the eye could see, incredible!!
McLaren Vale, Padthaway and Coonawarra were just stunning.
It was a lovely drive..

One little town we will definitely return to one day was named Penola.

It is the town where Mary McKillop began her teaching career and founded the St. Joseph's Nuns.
Imagine the celebrations here when she became canonised!! Plenty of wine around these parts to celebrate with!!

We were zooming through Penola at 5pm so unfortunately everything was closed. A little place full of history!!

It was a fairly non-celebratory border crossing as safety was the higher priority on this narrow bended highway....

We discovered a lovely free camp in a small timber mill town named Dartmoor. It is about 35km East of Mt. Gambier.

The kids squealed with joy at the site of a horse, calves, sheep and a border collie across the road.

"She looks like Black Caviar Mum!" stated our 6 yo horse racing expert.

She didn't enjoy being patted but she did enjoy some fresh long grass fed to her by the kids.

She didn't mind the odd little 'tease' with a bunch of grass....

She enjoyed nuzzling Charlie's ears...

She watched us all the time so it was hard not to cross the road and visit her...

At dusk she seemed to enjoy a game of tiggy with the Border Collie which was hilarious to watch...

We also enjoyed admiring the 'chainsaw sculptured' Cyprus trees which were true works of art.
These trees were planted prior to WWII and were sculptured in 2006.

I haven't photographed this one very well but it's theme was nursery rhyme characters..
Snow white, the seven dwarfs, Jack and the beanstalk, the Cat and the fiddle (and others) were carved out of the tree.

So wonderful, so different!!
Fabulous first night spent in Victoria....

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