Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adelaide Zoo

We gave the kids the option of choosing one zoo on our trip around Australia.

Because of the Giant Pandas they chose the Adelaide Zoo.
This Zoo opened its gates in 1883 and prides itself on its conservation efforts and enclosure design. 

Wang Wang is the male and ever so handsome. Look at those 'knowing' eyes.

He is 6yo and very placid. His favourite past time is 'snoozing' (except if there is bamboo shoots around).

Funi is 5yo and is very intelligent, active, curious, and loves exploring.

Both of the bears came from China and are apparently 'genetically' a fantastic pair to breed baby pandas. 

The 'ultimate' arranged Panda marriage!

This is the only baby Panda around here at the moment.

I could personally sit and watch the Meerkats all day. 
They are just to funny. So busy, so organised.

Another favourite was this cute little native animal which we think was a Quokka...

He just wanted to curl up and sleep on someone's lap.

We could have easily taken him home.

I didn't take a photo but the zoo has a pair of flamingos that have been there since 1933. Their enclosure was the very first constructed.

78 year old flamingos......amazing!!

Favourite animals
Frank and Megan: Meerkats and Orangutans 
James: Mandrills
Ella: Rats
Charlie: Sun Bears, Pandas


  1. I agree, meerkats are so funny, those pandas are so special though.

  2. You could probably manage a pet rat in the caravan!

  3. We did Melbourne Zoo on the last hols and were really empressed with all the trees and foliage and sense of nature all around the enclosures. Those pandas are gorgeous but meerkats are my fave too. Good luck with all the rural victorian op shopping! melx

  4. Love a quokka. At Rottnest Island they'll drink water from your hands.


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