Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit of honesty....

The other day James came out with a brave and honest statement....

"Mum you only ever put the 'good bits' on the blog".

I couldn't disagree with him.

The better photos and the 'fun times' only make it onto the blog....

I have intentionally aimed to keep the tone positive.
When we return I intend to have the blog printed into a book form.

This will be great as I won't have to wade through a thousand photos and diaries to create a trip 'momento'.

(5) people in a small space; fatigue; exhaustion; cabin fever; egos; wants; needs etc etc can contribute to 
'trying times' for both the kids and Frank and I. 

Positive parenting techniques are sometimes used and sometimes not.

Obviously the good times totally outweigh the 'trying times'!! It has been an incredible holiday travelling together around this vast country of ours. 

We have seen incredible natural and non-natural sights; learnt so much new information; seen lots of different animals; met different people living different lives; and made some wonderful friends.

We have stayed safe (touch wood) and have only made (2) visits to a Doctor for minor afflictions. 

There are some places we really want to return to one day and some that we would drive by. Some places will be great to revisit at different times of the year.

The memories and anecdotes will be spoken about for years to come. This will bring Frank and I heaps of joy (as it is already).

(33) days left to go......let the fun (and trying times) continue....


  1. Hi Guys, Seeing Frank on the flying fox reminded me of our time in Sydney at the park opposite your house. Have a Happy Birthday Megan. Hope you have a great day. Love Jo, Dave and Benny. xxx

  2. Would never have believed there could be trying times but perhaps you could have one page of bloopers at the back of the book to laugh at as well! Looking forward to having you back but will miss this lovely journey through your family's eyes!


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