Sunday, October 9, 2011

True inspiration on the road.....

Heading south from Dampier we made an afternoon tea stop at a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. 

At the Fortescue Roadhouse we met an inspirational young man who was walking around Australia (YES, walking!!) to raise money for cancer.

Andrew had a very close friend who passed away from a long battle with Leukaemia. 

His walk around Australia is a tribute to his close friend and also a fundraising effort for the Cancer and Leukaemia Foundations.

UNbelievable!! What an effort!!

All his possessions are pushed along in this pram like buggy which comes complete with solar panels....

Andrew started his walk from Sydney and has been on the road for about 280 days. He is travelling counter clockwise around Australia. 

On average he walks about 50 kms or 10 hours per day and has walked 7, 800 kms so far!!!

Andrew has raised $25,000 on his journey so far. What an effort!!

It was truly amazing how organised he was with his belongings, food, technology, tax receipts etc etc.

We drove off so pleased to have met such an amazing person. The kids were blown away as we drove along the highway he had just walked along with his buggy.

Visit Andrew's website and be amazed at this young man's spirit!!

Several days later we are still talking and thinking about him....Incredible!!

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  1. Selflessness and a true adventurer- a rare package indeed!


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