Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fishing with Purpose.....

Catching fish has been rather an oddly elusive past time on our trip.

Frank has tried hard (real hard).

If I was a teacher I would give him a stamp for his persistence and effort.

He has had a little bit of success but not 'put a meal on a plate' type of success.

The poor fella has lost all of his interested 'sidekicks' through lack of results.

Ella just said to her Dad 'can we go fishing and catch some baitfish which we won't use as bait'. Bindi Irwin 11 is at it again.

The lack of result has called for some 'academic effort' on Frank's behalf.....

Ron Calcutt to the rescue.......the superman of fishing......

Purchased at the most recent Lifeline Book Sale and apparently a very 'helpful' book.

Will it pull us out of our 'fishing drought'?? 

Time will tell.....

Because of Ron, Frank is now apparently FISHING WITH PURPOSE and UNDERSTANDING FISH BEHAVIOUR  alot better ....

I personally think that Ron is telling us through his book that fishing is all about the hairstyle, facial hair, the hat, and wearing the tightest smallest shorts that you own.

Unfortunately Frank has left his shorts at home but the hair is certainly happening and the facial hair is on the way......

It is all going to fall into place real soon...watch this space for some 'big fish' photos......

PS thanks Max for your fresh fish donation. It was lovely...


  1. So, what's Ron saying? That fish are uneducated?

    Those shorty-short photos made me laugh out loud.

    Ron doesn't look to be wearing anything on the front cover ... thank goodness he caught a big fish.

    Good luck with your casting!

  2. I was hoping you would see this post Carmel, thought you might like it! It was published in 1992....He must have used archived photos from the late seventies. My favourite shorts are the red ones, very fetching@@

  3. bahhaaaa... oh sooooooo funny!!! Poor old Frank!

  4. Ha! These are classic short shots! Think like a fish, look like a fish and you might catch a fish! Too funny. xx


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