Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Second new caravan tyre....

8700 kilometres travelled and (2) new caravan tyres.

Rather drastic looking isn't it?

We got off the road pretty quick so no damage to the wheel!

That's one good blowout!

Look at all that steel!!

Not sure if your tyre puncture kit would have helped here Andrew???


  1. What a shocker! I just took out the tail light with the bin 5 minutes ago and your photo makes it less painful. Two tires must be good for that distance though!

  2. My 6yr old Miss P, 'why does that tyre have hair'?

  3. Great pics!
    We have also blown two caravan tyres so far this trip.
    Funnily enough Bren went and bought us something called tyre dog today so you can track the temperature and the pressure of the tyres from inside the car.
    Travel safe.


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