Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Creative space on the road....

When we left on our road trip I decided to take only one project, a rather large granny stripe blanket.

As you can imagine the weather has been way to warm to sit with a huge afghan on your lap whilst you add extra rows.

The bag of yarn was pretty much ignored until I developed an urge to 'make' something. This urge came on in Broome.

Potholders were a good choice- small and quick!

Our lovely friend, Tayla also showed Ella how to do French knitting. 

Great for travelling! Thanks Tayla....Ella has really enjoyed it!

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  1. Next is to think of creative ways to use the many metres of French knitting. There are always the circle rug or dreadlocks wigs.

  2. looking good...and how cute that your photographing it at different stages xx

  3. Your pot holders look great and colourful. I love smaller craft projects, definitely more ideal than the afghan rug in the heat. The finger knitting looks like it's going well too. :)

  4. i have loved reading back over your posts megan. they are great and your photos are brilliant. i took a huge ripple blanket away with high hopes of finishing it. it has spent most of the trip in the boot, it is just too hot. safe travels

  5. You are amazing Megan... such a clever lady and a wonderful mother!

  6. Gorgeous colours and so much more sensible in the heat, plus you get that feeling of rapid completion which is also great.melx

  7. Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving such lovely comments. We love hearing from you all!!

  8. Glad to hear that you found a use for the wool. Love the makeshift french knitter:) looks like she is enjoying it.


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