Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Dog...

Post by Ella.....

Yesterday we went to Dampier, the home of the famous Red dog . In real life he was called ‘Tally-Ho’.

I’ve read the book and I would really love to see the movie.

 The story was great and I wish he was still alive.

In Dampier we visited a statue of Red Dog.

He was really cute.

On the statue there was a really good poem that I really liked.

Here is the original book which we found in the Information Centre at Dampier.

This is what he looked like in real life-

I was really happy about seeing all the red dog stuff!


  1. Great post, Ella. I read that book to my kids when they were little every night at bedtime. We have had a small plastic red dog since our Ella was one. She lost it in the red sand at Sutton's Beach one day and all the Kawana nippers team helped sieve the sand till we found it! Red Dog is still creating stories, even now!

  2. Thanks Libby and Annie.
    Great story Annie. We had our own 'red dog' called Jane. She was our first baby and died in 2005. She was the greatest and Frank still refers to her as a 'real' dog. Ella also has a little stuffed dog that she has had since she was born and he is also called red dog. He is enjoying his trip around Australia also!
    So many red dog stories Annie!

  3. Well done Ella. A great post. I had a red dog when we lived in Papua New Guinea. His name was SP. He was a very good boy and he loved swimming at the beach. He used to chase the waves! I have been reading about your trip with great interest. You all look like you are having a wonderful time.

    Say hi to the boys from me too.

    Ms Abel

  4. Nice one Ella, loved your post, catching up on all of your great adventures guys....really cool. Love it !


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