Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cadbury factory in Hobart....

Our caravan park in Hobart was literally right on the beautiful Derwent River just 9 kilometres from the city.

Quite a lovely outlook for a city caravan park.....

Strangely enough, the park was absolutely rife with wild rabbits (yes cute little rabbits with little white tails) absolutely everywhere you turned.

As we drove into the park ol' Bindi noticed (of course) and she was out of the car faster than you could say 'Peter Rabbit' in hope of catching one and having a pet for a few days. 

Her younger brother was not far behind her either. 

It was soon realised that 'rabbit catching' was an extremely futile exercise but it didn't stop them stalking the bunnies and their 'hideouts'.  Rather entertaining really!!

James was also particularly excited about this caravan park because it was just down the road from the CADBURY chocolate factory, the BIGGEST chocolate factory in the southern hemisphere!

Freddo Frog's footprints help you find the front door from the carpark....

We were a bit disappointed as they weren't doing factory tours due to renovations but we still had an enjoyable time....

Frank enjoyed watching old Julius Sumner Miller ads and trying to work out 'Why Is It So??'
His voice and accent was so distinctive and memorable.

All the models from the more recent Cadbury ads were on display also. 

It takes (8) people a month to make the models and sets for one 30 second ad we see on TV. Incredible!! 

The kids all had a ball playing with all the paraphernalia.....

And they also enjoyed the fact that we walked out with several kilograms of chocolate in a purple bag....

A few cartwheels on the front lawn to celebrate.....


  1. Hi Megan, I seemed to have missed a few of your postings so it took me a bit to catch up. What an absolutely beautiful place Tasmania is! Who knew? I loved all your historic building pictures and the gaol (a new word for me) and the Christmas cake rock. That downtown street (in Stanley was it?) was so cute!!! Very nice indeed! I think I will check it out on Google maps. (again, I am so unfamiliar with anything Australian) Where are you going next?

  2. Tasmania looks wonderful! Enjoy the cool, we're sweltering in sunny Qld, though enjoying some thunder bumpers of an evening. Typical, tropical Summer.
    As a diehard chocaholic, I would love to visit the Cadbury factory, probably perform a few cartwheels myself!
    Where are you hoping to have Christmas?

  3. I love the Freddo feet! We have a nanna known as Nanna Freddo in this house due to her penchant for smuggling in Freddos to wee ones almost from birth. What a highlight for your choco-locos!


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